Thorney Island
Community  Primary School
To excite, challenge and support all learners to progress, make a positive contribution and achieve their potential.



The children will gradually gain knowledge of themselves, their environment, and of  their place in the wider world through a planned study of these subjects. Plans for  each subject are designed to ensure continuity and progression for each child at his  or her own level of skill and understanding. For the youngest children plans will  include a programme of visits on or adjacent to the Island where the children’s learning will start from first-hand experience.


As the children progress through the school visits further a field will form part of  their study and the pupils will begin to use other sources of information to develop  their learning.  Much of the work will involve investigation and enquiry and is designed to stimulate  children’s ability to think through a problem and anticipate outcomes, both  individually and in co-operation with others in a group. A good supply of books, audio- visual and ICT resources are available and all pupils will be taught to use these essential tools in their learning.



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