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Eagle class

Eagle Class Autumn and Spring Term


We have been busy as always in Eagle Class. In our first half term we worked with Hawks Class on a new topic for Thorney - The Titanic. We had a lot of fun at our launch party, with all the students sorted into First, Second and Third class and this affected what was served at the party. After preparing the food the day before and coming dressed as a character we all enjoyed deck games and then a tea party, although some food was nicer than others!

Later on in the term we visited Sea City Museum and looked at the devastation that the disaster had on the local area. We had fun in the workshops too.

We wrote diary entries and completed a great deal of research into the sinking and we had a visit from a Titanic expert. This is an example of the newspaper we wrote about the disaster.

In the second half term we looked at how our bodies work including our heart and circulation. We made model hearts and fake blood with all the parts. As part of this science work we looked at the micro-organism of yeast, we then made and improved our own bread recipe. Our own bread was very successful.

We were also busy this term with writing our lines to support the reception class’ Nativity. We read and sang and played in three performances.

After Christmas the theme was ‘Castles and Knights’ and we had an exciting trip to The Tower of London.

The focus of this theme was design technology and we worked i pairs to make siege towers with wind up drawbridges. We then showed the rest of the school all of the fabulous work we had completed in school and as homework. We rounded off this term with a medieval banquet with pottage and gingerbread and bread we had made. I’m not sure it was our favourite food.

Now we are working on an English and geography based unit called Kensuke’s Kingdom. During the term we will make computer games based on the book, write stories about being stranded on an island and read and make maps. We started our work with a who can make the best paper boat and raced them across a paddling pool.


Many of the children in Eagle Class have also been busy representing the school in football and netball tournaments, maths competitions, electric car workshops and creative writing courses.

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