Thorney Island
Community  Primary School
To excite, challenge and support all learners to progress, make a positive contribution and achieve their potential.




Mr Dean Clegg





Teaching Staff

Mrs Karen Moody

Year 6 (Assistant Headteacher)


Miss Lucy Hodges

Year 5 (Part Time 2 Days)


Mrs Julie Jessett

Year 5 (Part Time 3 Days)


Miss Zara Noyce

Year 4


Mr Tom Stamp

Year 3


Mr Daryl Vokes

Year 2


Mrs Kirsty Jennings

Year 1


Miss Simone Rutter

Year 1


Miss Rebecca Goss

Year R


Mrs Jenny Jones

SENCo - 0.5


Mrs Sue Gibson

PPA Cover – 0.6


Mrs Kate Jackson

PPA Cover – 0.5 (Maternity leave)




Teaching Support Staff       

Mrs Sarah McCrossan



Miss Tiffany Rowe



Mrs Kim Phelps

Teaching Assistant + (HLTA)


Mrs Bridget Reilly

Teaching Assistant + (HLTA)


Mrs Sherrell Unsworth

Teaching Assistant (0.5) + (HLTA)


Mrs Zoe Hearn

Teaching Assistant


Mrs Constanze McManus

Teaching Asst. + (HLTA) & Mid-Day Meals


Mrs Jane Fidler

Teaching Asst. & Mid-Day Meals


Mrs Emma Harland

Teaching Assistant + (HLTA)


Mrs Paula Roberts

Teaching Assistant


Mrs Keighley Martin 

Teaching Assistant SEN Support


Mrs Caroline Roberts

Teaching Assistant SEN Support


Mrs Millie Delana

Mid-Day Meals & Cleaner


Mrs Jenny Booth

Mid-Day Meals


Mrs Sian McCrathy

Mid-Day Meals


Mr George Paxton



Mrs Sue Saunders



Mr Phil Angel 

I.C.T. Technician

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