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 Owl Class

Welcome to Owl Class!

As the class for Reception, we follow the Early Years Framework. We enjoy exploring and learning through play inside and outside our classroom. We complete a mixture of adult led tasks as well as exploring our own interests during independent learning time.

If you come and visit us, you will get to meet:


to Owl Class!

Miss Goss                Mrs Roberts         Mrs McCarthy

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Prime Areas:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development:

  • Communication and Language:

  • Physical Development:

We have talked about how we and others show feelings. We made our own feelings book and talked about what things might make us feel this way.

We all help to look after our classroom and outside area. We are all responsible to tidy up afterwards!

In PE, we have been learning ball skills. We have been practicing our throwing, catching and kicking. We have also used our new basketball net to practice what we have learnt.

During our ‘Glitters and Sparkles’ topic, we created our own dances. In our sequence, we needed a travel, a jump, a balance and a turn. We then used the scarves to dance to the music.

During independent learning time, we can use the large construction equipment. We help each other build our own obstacle courses, army forts and castles!










Specific Areas:

  • Literacy:

  • Mathematics:

  • Understanding the World:

  • Expressive Arts and Design:


We learn our letter sounds using ‘Jolly Phonics’. We enjoy the songs and actions when we learn a new sound. We take part in lots of activities which help us to identify sounds and use them to read and write words. We are trying hard to learn to write in cursive.





In maths, we have been counting, ordering and naming numbers to 20. We use objects to help us, and have recently started to add and subtract with them.

We have also used 2D shapes to create pictures. We used the multilink to create a repeating pattern.

When learning about money, we took a trip to the shop to see what we could buy for 35p!


During our ‘All about me’ topic, we focused on using our senses in different ways. We played the sound game and ‘Kim’s game’. We also sorted different foods to see what was healthy.

We created our own circuits to see if we could get the light to shine.

During our ‘Roar’ topic we learnt lots of things about Dinosaurs. We looked at sorting them by their characteristics.


We love to use the kitchen to do some cooking! We have made Coconut Barfi, dinosaur footprint cookies, fairy cakes, hot cross cookies and lots more!

During ‘Let’s Celebrate!’ we learnt about different celebrations. We created our own wedding ceremony and all had a role to play. We even had a very special visitor - Mr Clegg!

We sometimes get a bit messy when exploring paint! We used the dinosaurs to create footprints in the paint. We also used junk modelling to make our own fairies and binoculars for our dinosaur hunt!



Play and Share:


We invite our parents to come and see what we have been learning at school! We also have the opportunity to show them all the hard work we have done in our books!

Visitors and Visits:

We have had a visit from the West Sussex Fire Service to learn about how to keep safe around dangerous things such as matches and lighters. We learnt a very catchy song to help us remember!

Fairy Primrose came to visit during ‘Glitter and Sparkles’. She helped us to become good fairies and elves. She was however very cheeky when she stole Miss Goss’ shoes! We had a very special evening where we went on a fairy hunt and then had some tasty treats!

When we were learning about new life at Easter, we had some very fluffy visitors. We all had the opportunity to hold or touch them!

During the Summer term, we will be going on our very first school trip to Staunton Country Park to do pond dipping, bug hunting and look at the animals. We are all very excited!



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