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Barn & Tawny Owl Classes


Early Years Foundation Stage

Welcome to Barn Owl and Tawny Owl Class. We follow the Early Years Framework and enjoy learning inside and outside the class.

If you come to visit us, this is who you will get to meet.


Barn and Tawny Owl Class

This is what we enjoy learning...

Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

We made different feelings on faces using play doh. We also like to help others in the class.

Communication and Language

We like to listen to different stories in our Book Nook Area.

Physical Development

We have been developing our ball skills with Pompey in the Community and learning how to use the hammer and golf tees to make different pumpkin faces. 


Mathematical Development

We enjoyed playing skittles to learn how to take away and using objects to help us add together 2 groups of objects.

Understanding of the World

We learnt about different celebrations and even role played our own class wedding. We looked at creating our own circuits to make a light bulb light up. We also used our senses to explore slime.

Expressive Arts

We enjoy making different food and using construction to make different models. We made a hand cookie and placed lips on them for the story ‘The Kissing Hand.’

Play and Share

We hold ‘Play and Share’ time, where parents are invited to come and look at the children’s learning and look at ways of supporting their child at home.

Visitors and Visits

The Fire Service visited to show us how they keep us safe.We got to try on lots of equipmet. We also went on a ‘Wellie Walk’ around Thorney Island, we had fun exploring the area around our school.

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