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Merlin Class

We started the new school year with a trip to Marwell Wildlife Park as part of our 'Here Today, Gone Tomorrow' topic. We followed the endangered species trail around the park and got to see lots of animals up close that may not be around for much longer because they are critically endangered or even extinct in the wild, these included: Humboldt Penguins, Grevey Zebras and Scimitar-horned Oryx. When we got back to school we wrote haikus and cinquains about the animals we had seen. We also learnt about food chains, habitats and what we could do to help protect the animals we met at the zoo. Additionally, we learnt about the climate zones that each of the animals that we had seen lived in. In maths we learnt about area and perimeter and used this knowledge to create our own zoos.

Over half term half we worked really hard on our puppet theatres ready for our new topic ‘No Strings Attached’. For this, we first investigated types of puppet that had already been made before planning our own ideas and then making our own hand puppets out of felt. We then wrote instructions on how to make a puppet so other

people could also learn how to do it. So we could put on our puppet show, we also wrote our own play scripts of the Gingerbread Man. In science we learnt about electricity and all the uses for electricity in our homes. We also created circuits using cells, bulbs and switches. Just before Christmas we went to see Jack and the Beanstalk at the King’s Theatre in Southsea which was a really fun afternoon out.

Just before the Christmas holidays we got a very exciting letter by owl post! It was a letter from Professor McGonagall at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry telling us that we had been accepted as a muggle school twinned with Hogwarts. We looked at and learnt J.K.


Rowling's amazing description of Hagrid from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and used this as a basis for writing our own magical characters. We also looked at the entomology of some of the names is the Harry Potter books such as Harry Potter himself whose name has links to being a leader and a warrior (both very fitting we though) and we then picked some really magical names for our own characters. To display our amazing character descriptions we looked at tree collages by other artists and used these to help us create our own using lots of different collage techniques including quilling.

As part of our topic which was called 'Heroes of Hogwarts' we had a wizard day. We all dressed up and with help from Albus Dumbledore and the other teachers at Hogwarts we took lessons in Potions, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Care of Magical Creatures and Divination. We had such an amazing day and Dumbledore wrote to us telling us he was very impressed with our learning! We also used the computer program Scratch to make our own slug trail games which we then turned into a Harry Potter maze game.

In science we looked at how particular substances such as water can ‘magically’ change states between solids, liquids and gases but we discovered that this is actually all to do with the effects of heat as the water is frozen, evaporated, condensed or melted. We also looked at the water cycle; how we use water and that we have been drinking water that has been drunk many times before- yuck! To help us understand this more we had a visit from Pompey in the Community. They showed us pictures of the inside of sewers and the water treatment station in Portsmouth and we learnt that the biggest problem in the sewers is FOGG- fats, oils, grease and grit and to never put these down the drain or sink.


On Wednesday 1st March to finish off our previous topic on Harry Potter and to give us a brilliant start to our next topic 'Merlin at the Movies' we visited Warner Brothers Studio tour near Watford. We had an amazing day looking at all the props, sets, costumes and everything else that went into creating the films that we all love. We had a lesson with the education team where we got to see some of the masks and

costumes they used for the film (Hagrid’s trousers were taller than we were!). We then looked at how the story of Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone was put together and we then had a go at coming up with our own stories using some of the props from the

actual film to help us. We now have some brilliant ideas for stories in our heads and we can’t wait to start writing them back in class. We are then going to use them to create our own animated films which we are all very excited about!


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