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Kestrel Class


Kestrel Class

Autumn Term 2016

This term our topic was Healthy Heroes.

We were lucky enough to be contacted by Agent Steel (Head of The World Superhero Agency), who asked us for his help to make his superheroes healthy again! They had become slow and overweight due to poor diet and lack of exercise...

Sunday 1st November 2016

Dear Kestrel Class,

I am writing to you in the strictest confidence on behalf of The World Super Hero Agency.

My name is Agent Steel and I am head of the agency. Our spy crafts and intelligence tell us that you are going to be learning about what it takes to be healthy this half term with the help of your teacher Mr Stamp.

We have had some problems lately with some of our heroes becoming worn our very quickly, slowing down and not being able to fit into their super hero clothing (which is actually very stretchy!)

I need your help to figure out exactly what we can do to stop our heroes ending up like this!

I need you to spend the next 6 weeks investigating exactly what we can do to ensure that all of our superheroes become fit and healthy again!

If you can do this I pledge on behalf of The World Super Hero Agency to give you ALL super hero status and send you over a reward.

I will be in touch to check on your progress.

Until we next speak...goodbye and good luck!

This was a great topic where the children learnt about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

The children wrote step by step instructions on how to make a healthy balanced pizza in English; then went onto make and taste the pizzas in our DT lessons.

At the end of this topic all the children graduated as from Agent Steels Superhero Academy, achieving official superhero status!

Spring Term 2017

This half term, our topic was based around the novel ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes.

In our Design Technology lessons we designed and made junk model robots, then added pneumatic mechanisms to them, to make them move!

In our English lessons, we became newspaper reporters and created our own class newspaper called ‘The Kestrel News’. You can read our newspaper reports about the landing of the Space Bat Angel Dragon in our classroom now!

In our science lessons we learnt all about forces and magnets. We investigated friction, gravity and in particular all about the force of magnetism.

We even made our own working compass’ using bar magnets!

Spring Term 2

Our newest topic is ‘Welcome to the Jungle!’ This half term we came to school as jungle explorers! When we entered the classroom we boarded our flight to Brazil, where we explored the Amazon Rainforest.

We discovered all about where in the world Brazil is, using atlases and Google Earth.

We even got to try some of the local food!


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