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Welcome to Thorney Island Primary School
Reopening  of School in September

Please read my letter to parents HERE

If anyone has any questions regarding this, they are asked to contact the school.
Dean Clegg Headteacher
August 2020

We hope our website will help to introduce the school to you and answer some of the questions that might be on your mind.

We trust our children find the school a challenging, exciting and happy place, where they can feel secure and grow in confidence. They are expected to work hard, to show consideration for others and the environment and to respond to firm but fair discipline by developing self-discipline. Through the tasks they do in their day to day work they are able to gain an understanding of their own world and the importance of their place in it. They will acquire skills and knowledge which will provide them with a foundation for future learning and life.

We realise that in order to achieve success it is vital to work in partnership with you. Because of this we make parents welcome and are keen for you to be involved in many different ways.

A website can only provide you with an outline of what the school believes in, what it does and how it works. We should be happy, therefore, to show you around when the occasion arises, in order for you to gain a better idea of how the school operates.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. D. Clegg (Headteacher)
Chris Hallam (Chairman of Governors)


February 2018

Thorney Island Community Primary School

Starting School September 2020?

Details HERE


Swptember 2020


Thorney Island Primary children help launch new Daily Mile track.

Read about it HERE

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